A Message from KOUBOU TAKE


Thank you for visiting our website.
If you have visited our website, then you must be interested in kimono, one of the most beautiful of Japanese traditions.
I am a person who really loves kimono more than anyone I know. I enjoy wearing many kinds of kimonos, such as radiant ones with beautiful flowers which vary from season to season, and ones with unique local tsumugi (pongee - or a soft, thin cloth woven from raw silk) inherited from every area in Japan.
However, the opportunity to wear a kimono, even for people living in Japan, is decreasing with the passing of time. I feel that this is a sign that kimonos and obis (a kind of belt for kimono) will disappear from ordinary life.
As I am now deeply concerned about this situation, I launched "KOUBOU TAKE" to preserve the culture of kimono in a different way.
"KOUBOU TAKE" and I are just getting started, but the number of products will be increased.
I plan to introduce the virtues of Japan and the excellence of Japanese traditional culture not only to Japan, but also to the world.
I hope you will favor us and our products.


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